Better Together

I (Dave) am excited to be working on our first round of video projects with ReachGlobal for the upcoming conference in February. These videos primarily serve the third component (encouraging and sustaining cross-cultural workers) of the four-fold vision G has given us for using media.

This particular conference only occurs every other year and is a key time for M’s from all over Asia to gather together for worship, teaching, refreshment and encouragement. Our theme for 2017 is “Better Together”, and it is such a great reminder of how the Body of JC works together in partnership to fulfill that to which He has called us. We need each other!

Better Together Conference

One video I am working on is for a men’s breakout session. The M men submitted real-life questions a few months back that we had three highly respected leaders around the world answer on video. I am editing their responses together to form topical videos on Family, Spiritual Life, Ministry and Leadership that contain valuable wisdom essential to strengthening and sustaining M’s on the field long-term.

Another video I am working on is a “success story” showing how several different M’s, churches and ministries came together in response to Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in The Philippines late 2013 and how G worked through that in mighty ways to accomplish His purposes. Next week I will be traveling to New Orleans to interview RG’s director of crisis response and to gather the necessary assets to tell this story. I am excited to learn more and craft a video that will encourage believers and remind us that we are Better Together!


WRCC – RFG Promotional

Dave filmed Jerrod and Mike after their small group time in a local coffee shop. The two quickly shared their experience with the Reason for G class, a class based off of Timothy Keller’s book ‘Reason for G’.

Anyone is invited to join in the class for good and open discussion. We’re grateful our community offers a safe place for questions!