Calling Series: Application Process, Complete!

Journal Entry, June 11, 2015:¬†Today we find out about acceptance! I have been super eager to know, but we are waiting until Dave is home to find out together ūüôā

It was a long day of waiting, but Dave was a trooper and the first thing we did when he got home was sit down to check our e-mail together. If you’re new to our journey, this is the part where we find out if we are¬†accepted by ReachGlobal¬†to serve in Asia as film-makers.

We rejoiced excitedly when we read WE WERE¬†ACCEPTED!¬†There may have been some celebratory dancing, too ūüėČ

Afterwards, we had Asian chicken and rice for dinner, grabbed some ice cream, and went to Botanica’s opening week of their new Chinese Garden.¬†It was a perfect way to celebrate this exciting turning point in our life!

Thanks again for celebrating with us, Sarah Lynn

Calling Series: In-Person Interviews, Month 4

Throughout the month of May, ReachGlobal communicated thoroughly with us regarding our trip to their headquarters in Minneapolis, MN for in-person interviews, which would take place along with 13 other candidates of various positions. Here is what our trip was like!

Minnesota Map
Reading aloud on our road trip was lots of fun! June, 2015

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Calling Series: Sarah’s “Calling Testimony”

As a part of our in-person interviews with ReachGlobal, we were asked to prepare a no more than five-minute “Calling Testimony”, including our Father’s¬†call on our lives, why we’d like to serve with ReachGlobal, and any intercession¬†requests we currently had as related to our¬†calling and current journey.

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