Survived and Arrived: The Kansas-to-Thailand Journey

We survived and arrived, as I like to say 😉 While little one naps on our first day in Thailand, I wanted to share a few memories from our thirty-hour travel journey.

What helped me through this journey was thinking of, specifically by name, those of you who said you’d be praying for our travels, sleep, luggage, etc. Doing so brought much comfort to my heart. May you be encouraged in the L as we were!


  • By our last flight, we could barely keep our eyes open, so holding our little one to sleep, which we had done for the first two flights, was not an option. To our surprise he was able to sleep in the airplane’s bassinet while we nodded off here and there, giving us enough energy for the final stretch.
  • All of our luggage arrived with no issues and we were able to get through the customs line quickly since we had an infant. A few of our team members were at the airport to welcome us with hugs, welcome signs, banana bread, and hands to help with all our luggage!
A warm welcome after a long journey! (Chiang Mai International Airport; November 2017)


  • Our little one was a trooper during travels. By our fifteen-hour flight, he was overtired (so much to see!) and not going down easy for a nap in his carrier, and therefore crying loudly– before take-off. Dave looked at me and said, “Are we there yet?” We started laughing, which little one loves, and then were able to all relax and for the most part, enjoy the flight 😉


  • Thank you for praying for wisdom! In our case, it was much better to have chosen short and limited layovers between flights. Maneuvering through airports with a carseat, stroller, three heavy carry-ons, two light bags, and a baby was difficult physically, as well as mentally when we knew we needed to get to our gate as fast as possible to secure a bassinet. But praise the L, we were able to!


  • On the final flight from South Korea to Thailand, all the women sitting near us would make clicking noises to get little ones attention, which he loved. Upon arrival to Thailand, as we waited until the very end to exit the plane, it was like a receiving line- everyone passing by would say “hi” to Wesley or comment on how cute he was- at least, that’s what it seemed like they were saying 🙂
Paci, nursing cover, smiles…all clear for take-off 😉 (Wichita Dwight D Eisenhower National Airport; November, 2017)

As expected, and since we arrived at night ;), I can hardly believe we’re here. We’re here in Thailand, safe and sound.

KHOB KHUN KA, Sarah Lynn 

(The closing phrase above is Thai for “thank you”, the feminine version)

PS – Prayer Requests for our beginnings in Thailand can be read HERE. We look forward to sharing with you soon how the L answers them. We love and appreciate you prayer warriors!