How’d We End Up Here? (And A Departure Date!)

That’s us, in front of our perfect little temporary home we call “the Hobbit house”. How’d we end up here?

Bringing our baby home – July 2017

Our journey began in response to a calling and the way we knew G had designed us to serve Him, well before we discovered such a fitted opportunity.

SUMMER & FALL – 2015

This fitted opportunity came to our knowledge two years ago. With certainty and nerves, we applied for the position as long-term media producers in Asia with ReachGlobal.

Months later, with numerous paper-work and in-person interviews behind us, we celebrated our acceptance! A short trip to Thailand solidified our position on the Serve Asia team, and after a week long training we began the faith-building work of partnership development.

Chiang Mai Landscape
View from our Vision Trip – October 2015


Partnership development had us travel locally and to surrounding states, connecting with churches and individuals led to support G’s work in Asia.

[Kansas City, Missouri – Trip 1, Colorado, Missouri – Trip 2]

SUMMER & FALL – 2016

During that year we also partook in an informative online and in-person training for pre-deployed overseas workers. At the same time, we packed and sold things and then to our great surprise and greater joy, found we were expecting a special little addition to our family- the very week we closed on our home!

Training in session – July, 2016


We continued partnership development with the added excitement of waiting for our sweet baby boy to arrive. During this time, Dave went back to Thailand for the biennial Asia Division Conference and then in July our little one arrived into the world!

[Conference Theme – Better TogetherDave’s Role at the Conference, Vision & Mission of the Conference]

Steve and Dave
Serving with our supervisor – February 2017

With immense support and encouragement from family and friends we are here today, in our transitional Hobbit house, recovering and adjusting well to our new parenting role, and eager to begin the work in Asia G has called us to- now as a family of three!

FALL 2017

With absolutely all credit to the Lord and to your generous prayers and support, we’re excited to announce that our planned departure date is set! On NOVEMBER 9TH we plan to depart Kansas and begin our move to Thailand.

Upon reflecting on these last two years, we see and celebrate the L’s faithfulness to us and through you- individuals, families, and communities around the U.S. who have given and continue to give your time, prayers, hospitality, and/or financial provision for the sake of gospel transformation in Asia!

Here’s to His glory through His people!

With thanksgiving, Sarah Lynn