baby bump

PD Series: Good-bye Bump, Hello Baby!

This month we said good-bye to the baby bump and hello to our precious baby boy! Here are some reflections on our first pregnancy, from specific cravings to unique challenges.

Did you have any cravings?

Not as many as I thought I would! First trimester was when I had my strongest craving, and it was “On the Border” tortilla chips. I also had an aversion to sweets pretty much the entire pregnancy.

What’s a favorite memory from your pregnancy?

There are many! But a recent one that comes to mind is when we went out on a date to celebrate becoming full-term on my 37th week. Our sweet waitress brought us ice cream on the house, and had written in syrup on the plate, “Happy 37-weeks!”

What is a unique challenge you faced personally as an expecting M mom?

Finding out we were pregnant (big life change) while in the midst of transitioning to overseas (big life change) had its ebbs and flows emotionally. Specifically in third trimester, trying to “nest” in transition felt confusing and impossible at first.

What will you miss about being pregnant?

Feeling Wesley grow and move inside has been nothing short of miraculous and just downright cute! Personally, I’ll miss having the fuller hair and glowing skin 🙂

What was a least favorite memory from your pregnancy?

In my 32nd week I over did some squatting while taking photos for an event, and for a whole week afterwards I could hardly sleep, sit or stand for any period of time because of constant back soreness.

What are some memories you have of your husband during pregnancy?

So many! Relaxing together and feeling baby move; that day we went to the store for ice cream and came back with none because there were too many choices; and I’ll never forget how hard he has worked for our family during pregnancy from raising funds to taking over household chores, all while taking time to bond with baby and me.

What won’t you miss about being pregnant?

Some of the hormones, tiring so quickly after hardly doing anything, having to give-up up certain activities (biking) and foods (sushi) for a time, and unwanted advice (I know that won’t end with pregnancy, but I’m thankful I can better handle it now).

What would you do differently about your pregnancy?

If I could go back I would’ve checked out less books from the library and read less internet articles on pregnancy, labor/delivery, etc.. Instead, I would’ve kept my resources narrowed down to the classes we signed up for and the guidance of my health care provider. Also, I would’ve let others’ worries about us worry me less.

What was your funniest pregnancy moment?

One evening during second trimester I was putting the finishing touches on a homemade pizza. When I heard the beep signaling the oven had pre-heated, I walked over to the dryer (located in our kitchen), opened the dryer door, and almost put the pizza in the dryer instead of the oven! 😀

Good-bye bump, hello baby! We are overjoyed our sweet baby boy is here with us 🙂

In His steadfast love, Sarah Lynn