PD Series: EFCA Rocky Mountain District Conference

The Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) is comprised of around 1,500 congregations, organized into seventeen districts in the United States. Each district generally has an annual conference where pastors, church leaders and Ms gather together for a time of teaching/training, celebration and networking.

Last year, we attended our home district’s conference in Kansas City. This year, due to scheduling conflicts, we were unable to attend the Midwest District conference, so instead we traveled to Castle Rock, Colorado for the neighboring Rocky Mountain District conference April 18-19.

We were greatly encouraged by meeting several pastors (some who formerly served as Ms), hearing incredible testimonies of church planting and partnerships in G’s kingdom, and receiving excellent teaching on collaboration and teamwork.

The conference speaker was Dr. Martin Crain, who served as superintendent of the New England EFCA district for nine years and then taught at Trinity Evangelical Divinity school (TEDs) for twenty years. The focus was on the biblical and missional foundations we need in our approach to team ministry – very applicable to us, as ReachGlobal is a team-led and team-driven organization. The key takeaways for me were:

  • The essential attribute of humility
  • The importance of seeking the mind of JC rather than looking to the culture around us
  • Building trust through time, proximity, positive decisions and truthful communication
  • How character is more important than giftedness
  • Good team members are spiritually mature, share common core values and have strong relational skills
  • Difference of opinion is a valuable asset not a liability

Sarah and I were honored to represent ReachGlobal at the conference alongside Nick and Kris Doneff, who reside there in the Denver metro area. I met Nick and Kris at the Asia conference in February and they are a wonderful couple!

We are so grateful for all of our ministry partners who continue to make all of this possible. Please join us in pr-ing for G to connect us with the remaining members of our support team that He is bringing together, as we seek to be fully funded prior to the arrival of our baby!