Our Team: ServeAsia

One question we frequently get asked is, “will you be joining a team in Chiang Mai?”, and the answer is a resounding “Yes”! ReachGlobal has a strong value on teams, believing that no M should be serving in isolation. And after attending two conferences both with a “better together” theme, we are convinced now more than ever that G created us to serve in teams!

When we reached 75% of our funding back in November, we officially began the team integration process. At that point, we began reporting to our field team leader, Steve, rather than to the training/on-boarding team (called ENGAGE) at the national office in Minneapolis. Since then, I was privileged to spend time with the team in-person at the Asia conference in February, but otherwise our communications have been via Skype and email.

Steve and Dave
Dave with our ServeAsia team leader, Steve

Most of the teams within ReachGlobal are “city teams” – groups gathered in a particular city serving together with a common outreach strategy for that area. Our team, ServeAsia, is unique in that we support the entire Asia division. Much of what we do is provide resources to the city teams throughout the continent to empower more effective ministry. Currently on our team is the district business manager, the prayer coordinator, and those of us working in the area of communications and media.

Though our team is relatively small currently, we are looking to expand it over the coming years. The Justice Initiatives in Asia, recruitment and resource development fall under our responsibilities. One position we are actively seeking to fill is an Asia Communications Coordinator, who would write stories for newsletters, websites and print materials.

RG Staff in Chiang Mai – Vision Trip, October 2015

Outside of our ServeAsia team, other ReachGlobal Ms are also serving right there in Chiang Mai, including a couple providing our member care, a couple serving at Grace International School, and others who comprise the local city team in Chiang Mai.

We are so excited to join the ServeAsia team in person later this year! Please join us in pr-ing for vision and direction for our team, for G to bring forth new members, and for wisdom in all of the business and logistics related to what we do.