PD Series: Reflecting On Our News

“I am the L’s servant…May it be to me as you have said.” Luke 1:38

Towards the middle of my first trimester, I began reading “Spiritual Mothering: The Titus 2 Model for Women Mentoring Women” by Susan Hunt. This book has been extremely encouraging and challenging! And the following excerpts I’m about to share from the second chapter will reveal why.

I personally found it to be a very special Christmas this year, being pregnant for the first time and having the holiday to reflect on the birth of our Savior. We couldn’t help but relate to Mary and Joseph a little during this time, considering the circumstances they went through and us finding ourselves pregnant and living in limbo.

Living in Limbo – November 2016

Here is an excerpt to start off:

“I fear too often we do not hold Mary up as an example, because we are overcompensating for some who have elevated her above humanity. This reaction robs us of one of the most beautiful examples of faith found in Scripture. Of course, she is not a perfect example. Only G Himself is the Perfect Example. But in Mary we do see a woman who embraced G’s glory as her reason for being and translated that into her experiences.” (pg 26)

In the context of chapter two, Hunt shows the beautiful relationship between Mary and Elizabeth and how when Mary met with Elizabeth, she was spurred on to praise the L amidst very difficult circumstances. Because “suddenly, without warning, Mary was hurled from the quiet life of small town obscurity to a succession of emotional highs and lows.” (pg 27)

Just before finding out the news, we were certainly at an emotional low as we were grieving the loss of our first home. Then, an emotional high- we were expecting and oh so excited! Then a little low again at the thought of the major decisions to make in the near future concerning the two big life changes we now found ourselves in.

“Yet this young woman (Mary) handled the situation without her brain or her emotions becoming scrambled. After hearing the angel’s incredible announcement, her response was immediate and unequivocal:

‘I am the L’s servant…May it be to me as you have said.’ ” (pg 27)

Hunt goes on to show how Mary’s response reveals two things- she knew who she was (the L’s servant) and she knew her life’s purpose (obedience to G’s will). And “how did Mary attain such clarity of purpose at such a young age?” She knew the undeserved grace of G in her life, and she knew G’s power in her and His protection over her (understood through the angel’s greeting).

Her response was “based upon the character and the promises of G.” (pg 28)


“Mary, like most women today, was a woman who experienced extraordinary extremes…She could adjust to these extremes in her life because she saw them from the vantage point of obeying G’s will, not from the perspective of her expectations or preferences. In defining herself as a servant, she had relinquished control to G. Her purpose was not her convenience but G’s glory.” (pg 28, 31)

“The extremes make sense when viewed from the perspective of a Sovereign G who is navigating our circumstances to bring about His perfect plan.” (pg 31)

Our first pregnancy announcement photo – December 2016

I must say, the L granted me such peace upon hearing the news of our expected little one at such an unexpected time. I can’t say this would’ve been my response even a year ago. I look back at the two years of transition we’ve been in and smile at the heart preparation it was for what only G knew was coming. I share this not to boast in myself, but to boast in G and His grace in my life through His Word and His Spirit; to boast of His work through the many godly women He’s placed in my life this past year to encourage and challenge me; and last but not least, to boast of His work through the spiritual leadership of my incredible husband.

In service to Him and for His glory, Sarah Lynn