PD Series: Big Announcement!

Dearest family and friends,

It brings us great joy to share this exciting news with you- we are expecting!

Baby Harder is due to arrive in late July, and we couldn’t be more thrilled and blessed that the L would grow our family in this way.

While this came as a surprise for us, we are at peace and confident in the L’s plan for our life and the life of our new little one.

Please take the time, as you are able, to read this blog post in full, as we want to briefly share with you two things that will stay the same and two things that will change in regards to ministry upon learning of this great news.


Our Call To Asia

We are still called to full-time ministry in Asia! In fact, we had planned to begin a family after settling into our new ministry and home overseas. We’re certainly delighted with this change of plans, and look forward to seeing the L’s grace shown sufficient in our life as a m family.

Ministry Start Time

Dave will begin working in full-time ministry as soon as the L provides the remainder of our partnership team. We are currently at 89% in committed monthly support, and are praying for 100% by January!

Ongoing Monthly Support


Our 2017 Location

We have been advised (and are in whole-hearted agreement) to remain state-side until our baby is born; one major reason for this, besides it being our first pregnancy, is the recent increase in cases of the Zika virus in Thailand, which is very dangerous for pregnant women to contract while baby is still developing.

Please click here if you’d like to understand more about the zika virus.

What a turn of events! We had just sold our home and then found out the big news. But, the L in His faithfulness has provided us a small rental home here in Wichita with flexible lease terms, just perfect for our current situation. A big thank you to Goshen Property Management, LLC!

Once we reach 100% in ongoing support, we will be considered deployed state-side and Dave will begin working in full-time ministry. Once we get the ‘good-to-go’ after baby is born, we will move to Thailand as a family and continue in full-time ministry overseas.

We are certainly grateful for the opportunity for our state-side family and friends to meet our little one when the time comes, and look forward to when our ReachGlobal friends in Asia can meet our newest family addition, too.

Sarah’s Role

Sarah’s role will be changing to m mom, while Dave works in full-time media ministry. She looks forward to using this time before baby comes to take her Language Acquisition Course through Wheaton online and to begin learning as much of the Thai language as possible here in the States. She also looks forward to the relational ministry opportunities that will present themselves in this new role as a stay-at-home mom.

Thank you for celebrating the big news with us and for taking the time to read this announcement post! If you’d like to read more, I (Sarah) have written a reflection on the big news and what the L has taught us through this change of events.

May He bless you and keep you in this New Year!

Love, The Three of Us