PD Series: Selling Home

Our last three and a half years of marriage were spent making memories within the four walls of our first home, 1717 N McComas St.

We made a short video to remember our home, process the loss, remember what we have to look forward to, and share what the L has taught us through this experience.

We were so encouraged to see how the L answered our prayers and yours during this home selling process. A quick recap: our home was on the market on a Monday and by Wednesday of the same week we had two offers. Once we had a buyer we only had to negotiate once with repairs and soon after closed on Monday, November 28th. To sweeten such a big day, we learned the buyer was a believer. G is so good!

Our agent, Amy Priester, was truly wonderful, as always! She is so skilled at what she does, very professional and personable. She helped us buy and sell our first home, and we just cannot help but express our gratitude for her in helping make this significant part of our big life change so smooth and steady.

We appreciate your continued prayers for us as we transition into a time of literally being uprooted and waiting on the Lord to provide fully so we can begin the ministry He’s called us to in Asia.

Last but not least, we never journey alone! Thank you for your continued prayers…thank you to all our friends and family who have had coffee (or smoothies or tea) with us or called us on the phone or emailed us and selflessly listened to us share about this process…thank you to those who helped give our things new homes…thank you to those who served with your hands by painting, gardening, building and repairing…thank you to those who have graciously offered your homes to us…we are truly grateful for the love and support shown to us in this transition time and feel overwhelmingly blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives.

Filled with thankfulness, Sarah Lynn