PD Series: Guest Speaking in Minneapolis

It was a whirl wind of a trip but smooth sailing! We flew into Minneapolis Tuesday afternoon and flew out Wednesday afternoon- our quickest trip ever taken together 🙂

We were excited for two reasons:

  1. We’d get to see our Engage Team again! All the wonderful people at the national office who are working behind the scenes and praying for us through this state-side transition.
National Office Entrance
Outside the National Office- No coat in November!

2. We’d get to meet new ReachGlobal pre-deployed staff and share our partnership-development experience with them at MPD Launch, the first training you go through as ReachGlobal pre-deployed staff. We went through ours one year ago!

At the close of the day on Tuesday, I (Sarah) presented on the emotional and spiritual side of our journey. We went through each month and shared what partnership development looked like, how we guarded our hearts, and what we did for renewal during this trying transition. This was the first time to share our full support-raising journey from January to present. It was a joy to look back, boast in my weakness and show G’s grace sufficient.

Sarah Presenting
Sharing our story at MPD Launch – November, 2016

The following morning we joined the all-staff meeting for a time of prayer for our nation. Then, Dave presented for a good portion of the morning on logistical items related to partnership development. I was so proud of him, he’s such a great instructor!

We spent Wednesday afternoon filming a few of the national office staff- quick snippets of them introducing themselves, which we’ll then edit and have shown at the ReachGlobal Asia Division Conference in Thailand this February, 2017. The theme of the conference is “Better Together”, and I love how this video will be used to better unite and familiarize the national and international staff of EFCA/ReachGlobal with one another. I love how EFCA/ReachGlobal values people, and is taking this sort of measure to make sure we all know the faces of those we are communicating and working with over email and by phone.

Wide Training Room
Training Time at MPD Launch – November, 2016

During breaks we got to know a few of the pre-deployed staff, and three of them (one single and one couple) anticipate serving in Asia- Tokyo and India to be exact! It was great to hear their hearts and the ministry they will be heading into, one coffee-shop ministry and the other anti-human trafficking. L willing we are excited to see them again overseas and serve their video production needs. Meanwhile, we pray for their support needs to be fully met at G-speed and they are graciously praying for ours!

Thank you, ReachGlobal Engage team, for inviting us to share at this year’s MPD Launch! And thank you, family and friends, for partnering in prayer for this trip.

Better together, Sarah Lynn

Reserved Sign
My favorite sign out at meal breaks 🙂 – MPD Launch, November 2016