#50at50 Campaign

PD Series: #50at50

#50at50 Campaign

What’s #50at50

#50at50 is a Facebook Campaign to invite family, friends and friends of friends on Facebook to invest in spreading the gospel and multiplying transformational churches among unreached peoples in Asia by partnering with our media ministry through EFCA ReachGlobal.

Our hashtag is used to communicate the following:

In the next 50 days we need 50 individuals/families who will commit to giving $50 a month, so that we can deploy to Thailand to begin the media ministry G has prepared for us.

What To Expect:

#50at50 launched Wednesday, October 12th and will conclude on November 30th.

Once a week we will share a campaign post, which may look like a video with more information on the ministry, a photo update on how the campaign is going, etc. We will continue sharing personal posts about our journey on Facebook, but the campaign posts will be limited to once a week so as to not bombard Facebook walls.

We’re excited to see how the L will use this Facebook Campaign! We know there are people behind the pixels, and therefore would like to make as many personal connections as possible. If we haven’t gotten in touch with you personally and you would like to know more about the ministry, please feel free to private message either of us. We’d love to set up a Skype or phone date with you, or a coffee date if you’re in the area.

If you are reading this blog post and are not on Facebook, please feel free to get in touch with us using this simple Contact Form.

How to Commit:

We use #50at50 to concisely communicate our needs; however, we want you to know we are grateful for whatever amount you are able to give. The partner pyramid below is another breakdown of various partnership levels needed to complete the remainder of our partnership team. We have partners already giving at $10/month, $50/month, $100/month, etc. There are no limits, and we are excited to see who the L would bring in gospel partnership to help us finish strong!

Partner Pyramid
An example of how #50at50 could be achieved at different levels

If you’re ready to make your commitment, please fill out this short, online commitment form.


After we receive your commitment form, we will send you a packet with more information on the ministry and how to give.

Thank you!

We appreciate you taking the time to consider financial partnership with us!

We are so encouraged by the incredible amount of support we’ve received these past two years of transition, by those of you who read our newsletters, share our posts, give, read our blog, provide mentorship, pray, serve, encourage and more.

Thank you for being there for us in this big life change- we are incredibly blessed by you and could not do this without you. Each step, each word, each gift, each relationship is so significant because of the gospel-love the L has shown us through His Son!

In His unconditional love, Sarah Lynn