PD Series: Only 25%?

Many of you celebrated with us a milestone of 25% in committed monthly support raised last month. Many are also wondering, three months and they’re only at 25%?

Believe me, there are moments when I wish I could fast forward time or shrink our budget so we can be in Thailand sooner. Being in limbo hasn’t been easy. It’s been over a year since we applied with ReachGlobal, and we’re on track to have 100% support raised within one more year (since December 2015/January 2016).

But one, we trust ReachGlobal, with 125+ years of experience, knows the best budget we need to be successful and sustain a long effective career in ministry.

And two, as I reflect back on the past three months I can say this time is worth it for multiple reasons. Here are just three reasons why:

  1. More time with family, friends, partners – This may seem obvious, but it’s true! We are grateful to have this time to spend with those we love, and there are a lot of people we love, so we’ll take what we can get 🙂 And what we’ve got is under one year! During this time of partnership development, we’ve been immensely blessed by others- enjoying yummy meals together, praying together and being given lots of listening ears.

2. Preparation for the field – We are grateful ReachGlobal has intentionally timed and organized courses and trainings for their cross-cultural servers. We’ll take all the necessary training and preparation we can get to help us minister effectively overseas and thrive in this big life change! In fact, our second major training begins in May 2016, and a week of live training will be held in July 2016. Not to mention preparations in our own daily lives, like small group Word studies, marriage conferences and mentorship times.

My first trip to Asia in 2008 – notice the umbrella, to keep our skin white, and that I was invited under the umbrella, a significant sign of friendship. All that to say, it takes time to even learn how to learn another culture!

3. Heart pruning – These last three months have been nothing short of hard and rewarding. We each have things in our hearts G has been working on throughout this time of partnership development. A big one for me has been ‘endurance’! As we begin this next phase of partnership development, which looks like reaching out to churches and individuals outside our home circle, I imagine many more lessons to learn and heart shaping to be done.  There’s so much to gain eternally during this time of actively waiting on the Lord!

Yes, we look in eager anticipation of the good future plans G has for us in Thailand! But, we wouldn’t trade this limbo time for anything- we believe G will use it to make our move overseas all the more fruitful as we submit to His plans, His timing for preparation, and His pruning in the process 🙂

In His Hands, Sarah Lynn

PS – We’ve added a new STATUS page, which includes our current location and where we are at percentage wise in financial support. Milestones are celebrated on our Facebook Page 🙂 We hope this is helpful for you as you pray for us and/or consider partnership!