PD Series: Casting Vision

As Sarah and I are now about one-fourth the way through the partnership development phase of our journey into cross-cultural service, we thought this would be an appropriate time to reflect on the vision that G has given us for using media production in service overseas and to share that with all of you!

Our vision is to make disciples in Asia by creating media resources that:

  1. Present the gospel to the unreached
  2. Disciple and train indigenous leaders
  3. Encourage and sustain cross-cultural workers
  4. Mobilize the Church

Presenting the gospel to the unreached means telling the most important story through film – creating an oral and visual way of presenting this message to people who may not be literate. We will partner with cross-cultural servers, translators and others to make this possible.

Discipling and training indigenous leaders involves empowering the local church leaders with the tools they need to be effective in planting churches and making disciples in their own communities. This might involve enhancing theological and leadership curriculums with media resources or could also involve filming such trainings so that the recordings can be distributed and multiplied rapidly and efficiently.

Encouraging and sustaining cross-cultural workers is a natural result of capturing testimonies of what G is doing. Being interviewed on camera or assisting with collecting information for a video project helps those serving overseas process the work that G has done through them and their ministry partners. We consider it a privilege to serve, love and pray with others on the field.

Mobilizing the Church to pray, go, send or give will occur as films from Asia are distributed back in the States. Video has a unique ability to connect peoples’ hearts with others from around the world and stir them to become involved in G’s global plan.

We know that media is incredibly powerful and has the potential to impact thousands, even millions, with the gospel. We are so thankful for all of you who are a part of this with us!