Milford Lake Sunset

PD Series: Spiritual Pathways

There’s an assessment we took as part of our training with ReachGlobal- it’s called “Spiritual Pathways”. Whenever Dave and I are planning, for example let’s say, planning for a mini retreat ;), we keep our “Spiritual Pathways” results in mind.

“Spiritual Pathways” is an assessment which helps believers discover the ways they uniquely connect with G. Mine for instance, are ‘creation’, ‘solitude’, and ‘worship’. Dave’s first is ‘creation’ as well. Hence, why we spent our mini planning retreat this year at Milford Lake!

Milford Lake Sunset
Sunset at Milford Lake – Planning Retreat, January 2016

“Spiritual Pathways” was also useful when we took our Vision Trip. As we explored Chiang Mai we asked ourselves, are one or more of our pathways possible in our new place of residence? Creation- definitely! We were thrilled to see many trees throughout the bustling city, with lush mountains surrounding.

Because connecting with G is vital to us, we found this assessment to be beneficial on many levels. Besides future planning as I mentioned above, it shed light on my past a little bit. Behold, my first winter in Kansas four years ago! It was miserable for so many reasons, but I now see how it was difficult for me as someone who especially connects with G through creation.

Bald Eagle Milford Lake
Bald Eagle at sunrise – Milford Lake, Planning Retreat – January 2016

This winter, I could be better prepared! Something as simple as having fresh cut flowers on the dining room table and putting a bird feeder outside our back window has done my soul wonders. And prioritizing outdoor time on those rare but wonderful warmer weather days 🙂

Lastly, I enjoyed this assessment because it helped me to better understand others and celebrate the unique way G designed them to connect with Him.

The “Spiritual Pathways” assessment can be taken for free here.

Blessings, Sarah Lynn