Sarah and the sea

PD Series: Holiday Reflection

Just before the holidays, Dave and I graduated from the ‘Perspectives on the World Christian Movement’ course. It was a lot of work, but something we would do over in a heartbeat! G really used this course to keep my focus on Him and His purposes, something I could easily get distracted from with all the change occurring as we transition to long-term service overseas.

He also used Perspectives to humble me in so many ways. One way in particular carried over in my heart through the holidays, which I’d like to share briefly with you.

Bryner Christmas
Christmas with the Bryners – Florida, 2015

Upon completing Perspectives, I was overwhelmed by the way G uses people to accomplish His purposes by various roles He’s given them. Too often the go-er (who travels overseas to serve) is over-glorified. I was reminded of this when we visited a good friend over the holidays. This friend was also our very first individual financial partner, long before we could begin in-depth partnership development. What a joy it was to sit with them, hear their heart and what G is doing in their life, and to see their excitement for us.

As we said our good-byes and started our drive home, I thought to myself, this is the face others don’t see! Our face is on the postcard, the updates, the website – but with us are (and will be) so many family and friends and places of worship – these are the people we cannot do this without!

Sarah and the sea
Water at first sight – Florida, 2015

I understand givers more often than not wish to remain anonymous, and we certainly respect this. But boy sometimes I am just overwhelmed by G’s love shown through our partners, I cannot help but tell the world:

‘Look! Look at how amazing our partners are! You cannot see them, but we see them and pray for them and will be serving overseas because of them! Thank G for them and their friendship! Thank G for the purposes being accomplished through their lives and by their partnership!’

Maybe I’ll blog about each of our partners anonymously overtime, we’ll see 😉 I say this because they’re just as much a part of this, of G’s purposes in Asia, as we are. And I want them and others to know how valuable their role is, too.

It is right for me to feel this way about you all, because I hold you in my heart, for you are all partakers with me of grace…” Philippians 1:7a

Until then, please know the depths of gratitude we have. We are so privileged to know our partners. To run the race together. To partner in G’s global purposes together. You know who you are 🙂 Thank you.

Punta Gorda Sunset
Gulf coast sunset – Florida, 2015

And so as we approach this new year of partnership development and officially developing our team, we look forward to deepening the incredible connections we have already and those we will make.

Glory be to G as He uses each of us uniquely for His global purposes!

In His Hands, Sarah Lynn

Unsure of your role(s) in global purposes, or would like more encouragement in your role(s)? Visit the Perspectives site here, or consider taking the course here.

Dave and Minki
Enjoying sunshine and friends – Florida, 2016

*We were not endorsed in any way to promote Perspectives, we just found it simply wonderful and worthwhile, that’s all 🙂