PD Series: Perfectionism and Grace

“I’ll definitely be praying for you about that”, I replied as the conversation came to a close.

How often I say this and don’t follow through!

A couple of months ago, I was convicted of ‘keeping my word’, specifically in the area of ‘praying for others’. A promise we make to our partners is that we will be in prayer for them! I had also been wanting to establish a more enduring habit of prayer to take with me overseas.

Well after a couple of months, I realized I had finally found a routine that worked for me regarding this conviction. I do wish to share this with you, I especially think anyone who is gifted or strong in the area of ‘organization’ would find this routine helpful for their prayer life.

But first, I want to share what else I found- Grace! And grace abundant!

Thanksgiving 2015 – Grateful for Grace

As you can imagine, it didn’t take long for me to get into the routine of praying daily for others, and I loved it! But it also didn’t take long for my perfectionism to kick in, and I began to feel like a failure when I would miss a time of prayer for others.

My husband lovingly shared with me that routines aren’t wrong, what’s wrong is beating myself up for not keeping the routine.

How foolish to think I could be perfect in any way! And so amidst this routine, my eyes were opened to G’s grace, His amazing grace–

His grace to convict me, His grace to give me a routine, His grace to give me discipline, His grace to hear me before His throne in prayer, His grace in my weakness, His grace before me and behind me and all around me and within me!

I pray, I really do pray, you will know His grace more deeply in this new year. Please pray this continually for us, too.

In His Grace, Sarah Lynn

——- Prayer Schedule “How To” ——-

Prayer Schedule
This is what my prayer schedule looks like!

I found after using a prayer schedule for four months and counting, that this was the best way to help me and my ‘organized’ self continually pray for others!

See the green bar towards the top of the photo, with the little elephant icon in the left corner? That’s EVERNOTE, the app I use to record and organize all my prayer requests. The free, basic version has been perfect for this use so far.

The reason I like using EVERNOTE* is because I can access my ‘notes’ from any of my devices. I also like that it’s a nice clean layout, and you can take and record photos of documents to store in your notes.

Anyway, my basic prayer schedule is seven days a week, and each day has a different category to pray for. For example on Mondays I pray for Family, Tuesdays I pray for my Precepts group, etc. I also have a  “daily” list, which are things I pray for everyday, for example I daily pray for my husband and our marriage. You can organize your prayer schedule however you see fit!

If you have any questions about the prayer schedule or want to know more about G’s grace, please be in touch with us!

*I was not endorsed in any way to promote EVERNOTE.