PD Series: Training #1

REV Week Group Photo – Fall 2015

I can hardly believe our Vision Trip and Training #1 are complete!

It seems like forever ago we were asking for prayer for this crazy month, unable to imagine how we’d survive– two weeks in Thailand, one week back in Wichita to adjust, then off to Minnesota for a week of training. But our Father doesn’t want us to just survive, He wants us to thrive! Though tired we were, thrive we did thanks to His Spirit and your prayers for us.

The training was called REV Week, standing for “Readiness Event Week”. For six days, from 8am to 5pm (evening homework included 😉 ), we dove into Self-Knowledge Tools, Ministry Partnership Development training, and finished with orientation into ReachGlobal. ReachGlobal staff worked tirelessly for us, and we couldn’t be more grateful for them!

One of my favorite portions of training was our last day, our last half-hour in fact. All the staff and group (of such lovely people I should mention) stood by the ‘Scripture Wall’. Across a large piece of white paper were verses each of us had written on the first day of training. The verse was supposed to reflect something we wanted our Father to work in our hearts regarding Ministry Partnership Development. And so on the last day we each took a turn to read our chosen verse aloud before closing in prayer together.

I cried. Our prayers, your prayers had been answered! Prayers for all the head knowledge from this week to reach our hearts.

‘The great sanctification process’ 🙂 of Ministry Partnership Development is just beginning for us! Would you continue to pray with us, that we continue forth in His Word and Spirit, dependent on our Heavenly Father alone for all needs?

Be blessed by His Presence today, Sarah Lynn