PD Series: Vision Trip – October 2015

Nine flights, two continents, and three countries later– and I’m too jet-lagged to finish this sentence ;). BUT I’m not too jet-lagged to express how overjoyed and grateful I am for this trip, the people we met, and each of you who partnered with us in your gifted ways. Thank YOU!


Travel & Health – All transportation by ground and air went smoothly- we are grateful for no major sicknesses (just a few stomach issues here and there) which allowed us to maximize our time. Thank you for praying for our travels and health!

Placement – We are excited to share that after our trip and having a de-brief call, we’ve officially been invited to be part of ReachGlobal‘s ServeAsia team, and we’ve accepted the invitation! Thank you for praying for wisdom and discernment; the journey continues 🙂

Vision Trip – CHIANG MAI
 Chiang Mai Landscape

Our days in Chiang Mai were full of exploring culture and what daily life for ReachGlobal workers is like. Our hosts were wonderful and together we went on prayer walks, visited food markets, looked at potential neighborhoods, toured a few community resources, and had many deep conversations over delicious food with the team.

Vision Trip – TOKYO

Tokyo Landscape

Our two days in Tokyo included lots of walking and talking with our wonderful hosts! We rode a bit of the Yamanote Line where the team prays weekly, saw Tokyo from amazing heights, experienced Shibuya Crossing, and had good conversation over more delicious food.

Vision Trip – LOS ANGELES

Our last days in California were short, but amazingly we got in all the conversation we needed for the time being with our supervisor and his sweet family. We were encouraged by them and our gracious hosts, and look forward to working together for His kingdom purposes!

For more photos and details, visit our VISION TRIP FACEBOOK ALBUM and/or our VISION TRIP SCRIPTURE ALBUM.

We don’t say this lightly when we say, thank you for being part of this! We hope you find your hearts encouraged by these answers to prayer. He’s a good Father!

May He bless you and keep you, Sarah Lynn