PD Series: Why ReachGlobal?

In our first announcement video, we talk briefly about why we are excited to serve with ReachGlobal, the international arm of the EFCA.

I want to add just a little more to that, grabbing my “3 reasons I’d like to serve with ReachGlobal” from my five-minute “Calling Testimony” we were required to give at our week of in-person interviews.

“There are many reasons I would like to serve with ReachGlobal, one of them being…

1. Their holistic ministry approach and training of nationals as means to multiplying tranformational churches amongst all peoples. To me this is vital in order to see nations come to know Him.

2. I personally love that ReachGlobal wants their staff to creatively serve in their strengths and giftings, and that they value filmmaking as a means to communicate His work around the world.

3. Lastly, I love that ReachGlobal maintains a culture of health amongst their teams. As someone who desires to see the gospel continue to grow in myself, the Body, and a lost world, holistic health means a lot to me.”

Wherever you are at, whether you are looking for an organization to serve with, looking into ReachGlobal specifically, or wondering why we are serving with them, I hope my personal opinion may be of help to you!

Please let me know if you have any questions on this, and thanks so much for your time! Sarah Lynn