PD Series: Tell Us More About Your Position!

We’d love to share more with you about the “Asia Media Producer” position with ReachGlobal. As we take our vision trip coming up in October of 2015, and move along through the pre-deployment process, we’ll definitely share more specifics! But of course if you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer them as best as we can.

Meanwhile, below is the actual position description from ReachGlobal:

Position: “Asia Media Producer”

Duration: 2 years or longer

Where: Asia

What: ‘Use your video skills to tell stories from Asia’.

Special Requirements: Demo reel, 3+ years experience, must raise own finances

“ReachGlobal Asia ministry is growing and expanding and with this comes the great need to communicate His story through a variety of media. As moving pictures are powerful to communicate His grace and mercy, ReachGlobal is utilizing video all over the world as a way to tell this gospel story to as many people as we can.

ReachGlobal Asia has an immediate need to tell stories of Asia ministry through video. We’re looking for a video producer with a proven demo reel to tell great stories and a passion to humbly use your talents to glorify Him. It will be intense, stretch your faith and open your eyes to His global picture.

Awesome, huh?! Now you know why we leapt for joy when we saw this! 🙂

In His Sovereign Hands, Sarah Lynn

If you’d like to see what service opportunities are available with ReachGlobal, please visit their “Opportunities”/”Ways to Serve” page.

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