PD Series: Are You Excited?

“Are you excited?”

This is one of my favorite questions, and probably the most frequently asked one!

Behind “are you excited?” is usually the question, “are you nervous?” Sometimes, you can see it in a friend’s eyes when they ask. It’s almost humorous, how we both know what we’re really getting at!

It is both an exciting and nerve-wrecking time! I very much appreciate our family and friends who let us process with them. Knowing others care about the state of our hearts is refreshing, especially during times of change.

Curry & Boba
Homemade Massaman Curry and Boba Tea are pretty exciting, too 🙂 July, 2015

Curry & Boba
July 2015

But anyway, to answer the question, YES! Despite our calm and cool demeanor 🙂 we are super excited! We look forward to our faith being stretched, to meeting believers across Asia, and to working together to film our Father’s work throughout Asia.

And despite our calm and cool demeanor, yes! We are also super nervous. There is so much we have to learn and re-learn, I’m not sure I could even begin to make a list of it all here!

BUT with a simple question, you help us remember to keep our Father first. With a simple question, you remind us to take it all one step at a time. And with a simple question, you remind us we are loved and looked after.

Thanks to His Word and His people, we find no need to fear, but every reason to rejoice on this journey!

In unity and love, Sarah Lynn