About Us: Sarah Lynn

Name: Sarah (Sarah Lynn)

Born and raised: Miami, FL ; Miramar, FL

Sarah's Family
My family, 2012

Family: Mom (Linda), dad (George), and twin brother (Ian)

Schooling: The HARID Conservatory, Palm Beach Atlantic University (Cross-cultural Studies)

Loves to: Read, write, film, dance, photograph, hike, travel, sing, have coffee and conversation with friends, go to worship, and be silly with my husband 🙂

Kansas fun

Testimony: Our Father sent His only Son to die for my sins! By His grace in the summer of 2008, I came to know Him. He loves you, too, and died for you!

Food and Drink: Popcorn, cheese, all types of Asian food, chai tea

Music: Bluegrass, folk, classical, hymns

Sarah in Romania
Romania, 2011

Travels: Denmark, China, Cambodia, Romania (and more to come!)

Place of Worship: West Ridge