About Us: Dave

Name: David (Dave)

Born and Raised: Newton, KS ; Valley Center, KS

Dave's Family
My family, 2014

Family: Mom (Susan), dad (Loren), older brothers John (wife Sandy) and Tim (fiance Ruth), younger sister Sarah

Schooling: Valley Center High, Wichita State University (major in MIS, minor in Spanish), International House of Prayer University (one-year certificate in media production)

Loves to: Worship our Father and learn from His Word, travel, explore, hike, spend time with the most beautiful woman on the planet (Sarah Lynn!), compose music, drink coffee, serve ‘behind the scenes’

Dave Playing Acoustic Guitar
Music Project, 2006

Testimony: I grew up in a believing family and in my later teen years made a decisive move to fully commit my life to our Father. He has redeemed my soul and given me a new life and purpose – to glorify Him.

Food and Drink: Thai food, Korean BBQ and sushi. I love nearly all types of coffee and tea.

Music: Classical, jazz, bluegrass and metal (you know, the Big 4)

The guys in Romania
Romania, 2011

Travels: Mexico (2010), Romania (2011), London (2015)

Place of Worship: West Ridge