Calling Series: In-Person Interviews, Month 4

Throughout the month of May, ReachGlobal communicated thoroughly with us regarding our trip to their headquarters in Minneapolis, MN for in-person interviews, which would take place along with 13 other candidates of various positions. Here is what our trip was like!

Minnesota Map
Reading aloud on our road trip was lots of fun! June, 2015

Journal entry, June 8, 2015: We left Wichita, KS Tuesday morning (June 2) for Des Moines, IA. On our drive through Topeka, Dave took me to the Capital Dome, it was an incredible sight. We got to our hotel just before dinner, and my funny husband took me to Ruby Tuesday to eat (on a Tuesday).

(June 3) The drive was mostly cloudy, and it made for some beautiful green hills as we crossed into Minnesota. We had lunch at Myre-Big Island Park and beheld a crystal clear lake while on a quick hike. We arrived at the hotel too early for check-in, and when we did check-in our key gave us trouble, so we were a bit rushed to get dressed and ready for the “meet and greet”. But alas, we made it to the ReachGlobal (EFCA) headquarters, just a parking lot’s walk from the hotel, and made introductions. Then the staff took us out for dinner at Sawatdee, a very delicious Thai restaurant. I enjoyed getting to know the other candidates, they are such wonderful people.

(June 4) The next day was full of interviews, as well as a brief time of giving testimonies, and a dance break. Unfortunately I’m not sure this happens at every interview 🙂 I was very tired when dinner with Asia team leaders rolled around, but so excited nonetheless! They were caring, mature men and very knowledgeable. It was providential for them to be passing through at this time, and we were so thankful to meet them!

That night I had a minor breakdown, due to lack of sleep and lots of information to process. I was especially challenged with a few areas I needed to trust our Father with, one major area being raising a family overseas, should it be His will for us to. My husband was wonderful, as he tenderly listened to my heart and gave me assurance.

The next day (June 5) we had a counseling session to followup on the personality and marriage tests we had taken for the application. We were reassured and very encouraged during this time!

Interviews ended Friday afternoon, so Dave and I took a picnic dinner to Minnehaha Falls Park. We followed the creek until it flowed into the Mississippi River, which was a pleasant surprise. Saturday (June 6) Dave drove us all the way to KC, and we had a lovely over night stay with my best friend and her family.

Leaving the headquarters was so hard. I loved all the staff and want to be a part of what ReachGlobal is doing. We felt so well cared for! They sent us all home with a few books to read on leadership and partnership development.


My intercession after interviews: “Father, may we be steadfast in trust of Your will for us. You are faithful. Grow in us all that we’ve learned thus far, and give the staff clarity and unity in the decisions they need to make these next few days. Thank you for all the amazing people involved. Bless the fruit of their labors, In Your name, Amen.”

In unity and love, Sarah Lynn