Calling Series: Application Process, Complete!

Journal Entry, June 11, 2015: Today we find out about acceptance! I have been super eager to know, but we are waiting until Dave is home to find out together 🙂

It was a long day of waiting, but Dave was a trooper and the first thing we did when he got home was sit down to check our e-mail together. If you’re new to our journey, this is the part where we find out if we are accepted by ReachGlobal to serve in Asia as film-makers.

We rejoiced excitedly when we read WE WERE ACCEPTED! There may have been some celebratory dancing, too 😉

Afterwards, we had Asian chicken and rice for dinner, grabbed some ice cream, and went to Botanica’s opening week of their new Chinese Garden. It was a perfect way to celebrate this exciting turning point in our life!

Thanks again for celebrating with us, Sarah Lynn