Carpenter Place – Wichita, KS, Promotional

“There is a place, where hope remains…”

This song rings true here in Wichita, KS, and I’ve seen it first hand! Our Father providentially led me to volunteer at Carpenter Place last year (2014). What I didn’t know was exactly how amazing this home for hurting girls was!

I also didn’t know they were looking to make a promotional video, but when we found out they were, and they found out we were videographers, the adventure began!

I loved collaborating with Carpenter Place’s Director of Marketing on this video. She had a wonderful insider’s perspective, and she appreciated my outsider’s perspective, too. Over the course of two seasons, winter and spring, Dave and I came to interview staff and grab candid clips of life for the girls at CP, which of course was my favorite part!

There was so much other great content that couldn’t fit into the three-minute promotional video. We are currently in the process of creating a couple of more specific, informative videos using the extra content.

We are so grateful for the staff and girls for opening up to us, we couldn’t have done it without their willing hearts! It was a blessing!

For His glory, Sarah Lynn