Perspectives on the World Christian Movement – Wichita, KS, Promotional

We are so thankful for the opportunity and connections we were given to make this promotional video for Wichita’s Perspectives Course.

Besides wanting the video to be piano driven and have clear concise content, we were imagining a punchy ‘start and ending’ that we weren’t sure was possible due to our limited time.

But our Father was working, and through former connections our wonderful interviewee had, we were able to get just what we needed for that on a Sunday afternoon. We are grateful for all the volunteers of The Mission who stepped in to make it happen.

We’re also grateful for old footage! When you’re limited on time, see if past footage you have can be used. In post-production, we added color filters to our past footage, coordinating with Perspective’s colors, to make it all come together cohesively.

Anyway! As you can see, we had fun with this one, and can’t wait to take the Perspective’s course together this fall (2015).

For His name’s sake, Sarah Lynn