Calling Series: Application Process, Months 2 & 3

Come April, my journal was empty of entries. This isn’t the case for everyone, but in our case, we were just shy of missing the April 15 deadline on the ReachGlobal application, simply due to when we came across the position. So we were busy busy! We were thankful to have family praying for us to make the deadline, because we preferred to know sooner rather than later what the outcome was going to be.

April 15, 2015: Wow!! It’s been some time since I’ve recorded this adventure we’re on. Let’s see, where were we? Ah yes! April 15th, we turned in our application! Praise our Father for getting that in speedily! Now, the wait.

Our applications consisted of basic information, a theological questionnaire, family history, medical forms, and personality tests, including one we were required to take proctored. Though it was a lot to process and fill out in the short amount of time we had, it was so beneficial for us. It helped us understand ourselves, our marriage, and ReachGlobal better. And personally, the extensive theological questionnaire made my heart burst in worship over who our Father is and what He’s done for us!

The most difficult part of the application was trying to schedule a physical exam, as well as a couple of immunizations, in such short time’s notice. Our Father opened doors for us and we are forever grateful for the doctors who made time for us out of their busy schedules. After we submitted our application, we had a few weeks wait time.

May 1, 2015: We were invited for in-person interviews, coming up June 3-5!!

On the same day we were invited to in-person interviews, we later Skyped with our potential team leader. It was great to meet him and know we’d be working with a very kind and wise leader.

Maybe at interviews it’ll hit me? I am just beyond thrilled to meet a community that loves our Father, His Word, His people, videography, and Asia! What more could we ask for?

Thanks for celebrating with us, Sarah Lynn