Calling Series: Application Process, Month 1

Whether you’re just curious or looking to apply with ReachGlobal, I felt it would be helpful for you if I shared the process we entered into when we applied for the “Asia Media Producer” position with ReachGlobal.

As you may have read in our last entry, after we found out about the “Asia Media Producer” position with ReachGlobal, we both filled out a preliminary inquiry form. We were quickly informed through e-mail that our information would be forwarded on to ReachGlobal’s Asia Division. This was in February. From there, here is what March looked like for us!

(Above) Our Demo Reel we submitted, 2015

March 1, 2015: Our first Skype “interview”. It was a time for us to become familiar with ReachGlobal’s Asia division, the application process and timing, and a bit about what our position would entail.
March 4: Our next interview will be by phone. Then, we’ll begin our extra step of answering the ‘media questionnaire’, to receive approval and acceptance of our film work and capabilities.

March 10: The phone call went well! The staff are delightful to talk with. Next step, questionnaire.
March 12: We worked hard and late and were able to get the questionnaire in. Now we wait a week! Of course, I’m nervous because we’ll either be cut off, or not. But I shouldn’t be nervous, because God is sovereign, and His plan is best of all.\

March 23: We went up to KC to visit my best friend and go to a ministry conference, where Kent Hughes gave challenging and loving words on “success syndrome” in full-time ministry. While there, on Saturday, March 21st, we found out we passed the media questionnaire! Our sweet friends bought us dinner- Thai food to celebrate 🙂

We’ll have three more posts on the application process, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have! We’ll help you to the best of our ability and extent.

In His faithfulness, Sarah Lynn