Calling Series: Encouragement And An Answer

“Father, please give us some encouragement- show us there are other people out there doing what we desire to do.”

I remember asking for this on a Wednesday morning. Overseas film-makers? I was beginning to believe we were a little more far-out than we thought, or unnecessary or both!

Note of encouragement, December 2014

But our Father, gracious Father, on that Wednesday brought me to a blog titled, “The Atlantic Filmmakers– Serving with ReachGlobal in Europe.” Wow! Another crazy couple like us! Thank you, Father!

I couldn’t wait to show my husband. He’d be home from work in a few hours, and needed the encouragement as much as I.

It hadn’t crossed my mind to look into ReachGlobal, I was too busy scouring the photos and blog entries. But, that’s exactly what Dave did after I showed him the blog. He’s a brilliant man, I tell ya!

To our joy and surprise, ReachGlobal had a position open for an “Asia Media Producer.” Jaws dropped. We did a double take. We frightened our cat as we shouted, “NO WAY!” to one another. Then, we inquired 🙂

Journal Entry, February 18, 2015: “We applied and can’t wait to hear back. Even if we’re not accepted, it’s encouraging.”

Note of encouragement, July 2105

In His strength, Sarah Lynn