House of Hope, Wichita, Promotional

I love how our Father orchestrates life! Sometimes it’s hard to see until hindsight, and sometimes it isn’t, but we know He is sovereign over all!

It was the first day of a Tuesday morning study, and I slipped into an empty seat. I’m “Kim Snapp”, the woman next to me introduced; alarms went off in my mind. “Sarah Harder”, I replied, “did you say Snapp? Do you know Ruth and Brad Snapp?” Her smile said it all. Turns out, I was sitting next to our uncle’s sister!

And so began the journey of building a promotional video for House of Hope Wichita, a home for healing teens, of which Kim is Founder! Her heart for the people of this city is incredibly God-sized, and it was a pleasure to witness the testimonies from teens and parents who had been impacted by House of Hope.

In His Grace, Sarah Lynn