We are pre-deployed staff with ReachGlobal, anticipating long-term, cross-cultural service in Asia by Fall 2017.

Dave and I met in Kansas and married in April of 2012. We spent our first four years together growing in our faith and marriage, and also filmed together as Wings of Dawn Productions, producing videos for churches, ministries and weddings.

Married, Credit: Anna Pilcher, 2012

Dave and I have always shared a special interest in Asia and using media to reach the nations. In late 2014, we felt it time to pursue this calling on our lives. We didn’t know what this looked like exactly, until our Father sovereignly brought us to ReachGlobal’s “Asia Media Producer” position in February of 2015.

Wings of Dawn logo
“Wings of Dawn” comes from Psalm 139. Logo Credit: Erin DeGroot, 2010

This site is where we share and process our journey by blog, connect with partners, and share our video work. You’ll find all of this and more accessible through the main menu.

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In this together, Dave and Sarah Lynn